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Applications for the Schemes of the Government

Govt. of India

  1. Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority Students. This is awarded to all the minority community students that are pursuing either M.Phil or Ph.D. The eligibility criteria includes annual income not to be above 4.5 Lacs and the letter of acceptance into the course from a University is required as enclosure.
  2. Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority Students
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  3. Prime Minister New 15 Point Program for the Welfare of the Minorities
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  4. Prime Minister New 15 Point Program for the Welfare of the Minorities

Govt of Andhra Pradesh

  1. Andhra Pradesh State Christian (Minorities) Finance Corporation Website

  2. Schemes of AP State Govt Christian Minorities Finance Corporation

  3. Bankable Online Entry To Apply Online

  4. Churches Construction and Repairs Application form and Check List


  5. Application for Financial Assistance for Development of Burial Grounds

  6. Application for Financial Assistance under the Grant in Aid

  7. Application form for Law Graduates

  8. Application Form for Coaching for Competitive Exams

  9. Application Form for Placement Linked Training Program

    Chandigarh Union Territory

    1. Pension for Widows and Destitute Women :

    Govt. of Chhattisgarh

    1. List of all the Schemes to Minorities (Mostly info of the implementation of the Central Govt Schemes in the State of Chhattisgarh):

    Govt. of Haryana

    1. List of The Schemes to Scheduled Castes and Backward Castes :

    Govt. of Karnataka

    1. List of all the Schemes to Christians:"
    2. Schemes for Minorities:


    Govt. of Puducherry

    1. Women and Child Schemes of Puducherry Government

    Govt. of Tamil Nadu

    1. TN Govt Schemes
    2. Lists of schemes for Backward Most Backward Classes and Minorities

    Govt. of Telangana

      Link To Apply Online

      Schemes by the Govt for the SC Candidates

      1. Application for Claiming Family Benefit
      2. Application for Post-Matric Scholarship for Scheduled Castes & Dalit Christians
      3. Land Ownership Certificate
      4. Ground Water Survey Certificate
      5. Certificate of Suitability of Land for Agriculture
      6. Application Form for Pre-Matric Scholarship to Scheduled Caste
      7. Apply for Financial Assistance from Scheduled Caste Cooperative Society
      8. Scheduled Castes Co-operative Society Financial Assistance Form
      9. Andhra Pradesh Scheduled Tribes Co-operative Finance Society Loan Application

      Schemes by the Govt for ST Candidates

      1. Recruitment for the Post of Hostel Welfare Officer
      2. Educated Unemployed Youth Scheme Form
      3. Form for Admission into Government Schedule Tribal Ashram