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  • AP High Court lifts up ban on filling Vacant Aided Posts in Educational Institutions. Relief to over 100 Christian Institutions in Andhra Pradesh that have vacant posts from the year 2004 since this order from the then Government not to fill the vacant posts.
  • Young Indian Boy Strangled for Having Same Name as another Man
  • Minor Dalit girl gangraped
  • Dalit student stabbed with beer bottle; die

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Welcome to National Christian Council

National Christian Council exists to serve the Minorities by uniting and developing the leaders in the Church. It is a human rights network to promote communal harmony and understanding between the communities and to address the issues of any atrocities on the minorities in particular Christians. NCC collaborates with all likeminded organisations that are serving various communities and deal with the issues of Dalits, Tribals, OBCs and other community based organisations like from the Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh and Jain communities.

NCC focuses on the following issues:

1. To usher communal harmony between the communities in India, viz Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, SC, ST OBC and other religious and Caste groups.

2. To bring cohesion in the various denominations of Christian faith.

3. To work at Tehsil / Mandal level, District, State and National Level for the issues of various caste groups, religious and linguistic minorities, Women, Children, Youth and to present their needs at the relevant International forums including the United Nations.

4. Leadership Development: To Identify and network leaders, informing and empowering them with the information needed for their development and progress. Empowering leaders at all levels to Educate, Organize and to Campaign.

5. To network with the local authorities and the police where possible to conduct awareness of civil society instruments and to raise awareness amongst the target people about their various rights.

6. To propagate the existing Govt of India and the respective State Govt Schemes / Programs for the welfare of minorities. The local NCC leaders will strive to see that no deserving person is deprived of his/her provisions in the Govt. Where necessary to represent to the appropriate authorities for introducing adequate schemes that assist the needy.